When do Emperor Angelfish change

Fish that change gender!
Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus

The Planet Earth we live in is covered in oceans, rivers and lakes which are filled with an abundance of living organisms. Similar to the numerous creatures that live on land or in the air, the creatures that inhabit the oceans and rivers are also very fascinating. Some are beautiful and others are ugly and even weird or bizarre. The physical attributes of some of these creatures are indeed unique and mind boggling.

Dwarf angelfish

Dwarf angelfish

Emperor angelfish

Queen angelfish

Today we like to focus your attention on a species of fish that is not only beautiful but also fascinating due to its special capabilities. Some of you who are into breeding fish as pets or for relaxation may be aware of a colourful species of fish known as Angelfish and even know of its ability to change gender . However, let's explore the deep waters and learn more about the eye-catching species of fish to enhance our knowledge about the oodles of wonderful creatures that share the planet with us.

Do you know that there are over a hundred different species of angelfish living in the southern hemisphere? You may have seen some of them. There are two kinds of angelfish;those that live in the freshwater rivers of of south America and those that inhabit the salty oceans. The freshwater and marine angelfish differ in size and colour. While the freshwater angelfish has a more triangular shape and grows to a few inches in length, the marine angelfish can grow up to 12 inches (the same length as a big ruler) and generally have very brightly coloured markings but the exact colours depend on the angelfish species. Freshwater angelfish are native to the Amazon basin and are also found in the rivers running off it. Freshwater angelfish inhabit the cleaner waters and prefer to be in temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees centigrade.

They lay between 100 and 1, 000 eggs which hatch in just a couple of days. Freshwater angelfish tend to lay their eggs on a flat leaf or an underwater log. The baby angelfish (known as fry) remain attached to the eggs for another week and feed off the remaining yolk in the egg sack. When they are bigger at a week old, the angelfish fry detach from their eggs and become free swimming. It is at this stage that the baby angelfish begin feeding from nutrients in the water and on plants.

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Emperor Angelfish
Emperor Angelfish
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Emperor Angelfish Feeding Around …

Exciting Day Yesterday...

2009-02-03 06:17:46 by TommysMom

Went out and bought Blue Buffalo dry food for my cat Tommy. He LOVED it. Before I could even put it in the cupboard he was rubbing his face all over the bag, purring, and meowing.
Also, bf brought home 6 angelfish for our tank. Our tank is now pretty much complete, except bf wants to put some rams in it too.
So far we have a 29 gallon tank with:
5 cory's
6 neon tetras
2 honey gouramis
1 cinnamon gourami
3 red fin tetras
6 angel fish
and live plants.
We also have a 10 gallon with our beta fish Sylar.

Emperor Angelfish Feeds On Reef
Emperor Angelfish Feeds On Reef

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